fundlogos The programme is co-funded in 85% by the EEA GRANTS, 2009-2014, and 15% by the Public Investments Programme (PIP) of the Hellenic Republic.

Work Packages & Deliverables

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  • WP 5: Collection of new data - field work


    Kostas Topouzelis (University of the Aegean)


    Collection of data for the validation/cross-checking of low reliability data, verification of results from spatial distribution models, ground-truthing for remote sensing analyses.


    Collection of new data will be done through sampling at selected sites in the study area. Dedicated field surveys using vessels will be organized, within the framework which the following methods will be implemented, as appropriate and in accordance with the needs of the project:

    • SCUBA diving to document the presence, population density, coverage or abundance of selected species and habitats.
    • Aerial photography for documenting the presence of selected species and habitats.
    • Side scan sonar of high resolution for the spatial mapping of different habitats, hydrographic sonar with satellite positioning system and receiving system of underwater photography/video (drop camera) for ground-truthing.

    The organization of the field work and the determination of the details of the surveys will be done after establishing in WP-2 the related needs.


    D5.1: Data base with all collected spatial data


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