fundlogos The programme is co-funded in 85% by the EEA GRANTS, 2009-2014, and 15% by the Public Investments Programme (PIP) of the Hellenic Republic.

Work Packages & Deliverables

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  • WP 3: Analysis and mapping of human activities and pressures (in areas with important habitats and/or species), and of existing spatial management measures


    Vassiliki Vassilopoulou (HCMR)


    Production of GIS thematic layers of human activities and pressures on areas of high interest (with priority habitats or with high concentration of priority species), and of existing spatial management measures. Estimation of the cumulative impacts of human activities in these areas.


    The first stage involves the mapping of human activities and pressures, protected areas and existing management measures in the study area and includes the collection of geospatial data from relevant public institutions (ministries, environmental managers, Greek Statistical Authority, port authorities, bodies relevant to fishing and tourism), research - scientific institutions (HCMR, Universities), non-governmental organizations, and protected areas management agencies. Additionally relevant data from international and gray literature will be collected.

    The mapping of the data collected will be implemented in GIS environment. The collection of geospatial data will provide the basis for identifying the sub regions of the study area where the main habitat/species that are identified by WP-2 spatially overlap with existing human activities and uses. In addition, in these areas, any existing management measures for these human activities will be mapped.

    For these areas, the estimation of the cumulative impacts resulting from the existing pressures will be accomplished by utilizing methodologies developed to corresponding recent studies that appeared in the literature (Halpern et al. 2008, Korpinen et al. 2012, Micheli et al. 2013).


    D3.1: GIS maps of human activities in the study areas
    D3.2: GIS maps of spatial management measures in the study areas
    D3.3: GIS maps of cumulative impacts in the study areas

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